The Golden Retriever is an iconic dog - and for good reason! Obedient, playful, intelligent, and polite are all terms used to describe this beloved breed.

Love at First Sight

The first time I laid eyes on Toby, I had just returned home from studying abroad. Recently graduated and with a lot of life-stuff on my plate, I was taking some time to recoup from my experiences when my mother surprised me with a “Welcome Home” gift that would change my life. The second that little white ball of energy ran into my room and kissed me on the face, I knew there would be no going back - I was a dog person now.

Toby is a European Golden from Golden Sensation Kennel. I am a person who, up until this year, had only owned cats and a few fish. Almost immediately, Toby and I bonded, with his friendliness and high-energy making me laugh more than a few times. He’s affectionate, funny, and wicked smart, maybe even too smart for his own good.

Name of Golden Retriever : By John Daniels

City : Orange

State : CA